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PlexEditor for Windows

PlexEditor for Windows is an enhanced movie metadata editor and manager for Plex Media Server

Features (Version Comparison ):

  • Faster editing than the Plex Media Manager
  • Edit the movie Title, Title Sort, Title Tag, Content Rating, Year, Summary, Genre & Collection fields
  • Sort the recordset by Title, Year, Date Added or Content-Rating
  • Manage your movies Genre and Collection Tags
    • Assign Tags to Movie
    • Unassign Tags from Movie
    • Add New Tag
    • Edit Existing Tag
    • Delete Tag
    • Delete All Unassigned Tags
    • Checkbox Genre and Collection Tag selection
  • Multi-record selection batch processing
    • Assign Genre/Collection Tags
    • Unassign Genre/Collection Tags
    • Content-Rating
    • Year
    • Titlecase Conversion
  • Multiple Filter's
    • Filter = Tag - Filter recordset by a single Genre or Collection Tag
    • "Like" Filters - Filter recordset by one or more Genre or Collection Tags. A "Like" filter will display all records with a tag "like" the tag filter, ie: the tag filter "Action" will show records with a tag of "Action/Adventure" or "Action and Adventure"
    • Content-Rating Filter - Filter recordset by the Content-Rating
    • Title Search Incremental Filter - Filter recordset by matching user typed string on the movie Title, works with any other set filter
  • Search & Replace movie Genre or Collection Tags, click and select via dropdown box
  • New! Lock/Unlock the metadata "Title, Title Sort, Tagline, Summary, Content Rating, Year, Genre Tags, Collection Tags & Movie Poster" fields to prohibit the Plex metadata agents from modifying those fields during a Plex Forced Refresh. Lock/Unlock by individual movie record or all movie records.
  • Format your movies Title & Title Sort fields to titlecase (per movie or multi-selection batch) by removing any underscores and by proper casing key words. Example: "RETurN_OF_A_KING" would become "Return of a King"
  • Perform Google search's on movie title's
  • Play movies
  • Locate movie in Windows File Explorer
  • View count summaries of Genre and Collection Tags; Total Tag Counts, Used and Unused Tag Counts and Content-Rating Counts
  • Right-click editor area specific context menu's allow fast, easy access to commands
  • All Genre & Collection Tags assigned to a movie are visible
  • Mouse copy & paste
  • Automatically run batch files (user configurable, optional) at either program start, program close or both. Example: PlexEditor can shutdown the Plex Media Server, copy the Plex database to a working directory on startup and when PlexEditor is closed copy the database back to the Plex data directory and restart the Plex Media Server


  • Windows operating system. Tested on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Home Server 2011
  • Plex Media Server Database v0.9.6.3 or later (tested on Windows versions,,, 0.9.806.175)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or larger
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
Introduction to PlexEditor v2.0 for Windows
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